Queer Comics: Then and Now – A Talk by Oliver Peacock (2012)

A summary of the continued development of queer themes in comic books, and an open discussion on some developing issues and news items. This session will touch on comic books in many forms such as graphic novels, mainstream superheroes, comic strips, and webcomics. There will also be significant focus on cultural impact, and the emergence of a gay comic book culture. Following this abridged history, the session will become an open discussion of recent comic book events and phenomena, within and outside of the pages.

About Oliver Peacock:

“I am a gay nerd, and equally proud of both cultures. As long as I’ve been able to read (and even some time before that) I’ve been reading comics in some form. My personal interests in comic books generally lie with the mainstream superheroes of DC and Marvel, but I am also very familiar with comic strips, graphic novels, manga, and webcomics. Apart from comics, my nerdy interests, as well as my education, are centered on digital and analog game design.”

This talk will be in English with whisper translation towards French; the Q&A and debate will be both in English and French.