The Queer Between the Covers book fair collective needs new members!

Queer Between the Covers (QBTC) aims to provide access to queer written materials,
prioritizing traditionally marginalized voices and a variety of queer experiences.
We seek to complement existing queer and literary spaces while also creating new ones.
Both our public events and our internal processes are informed by a commitment to anti-racism, feminism, anti-capitalism, anti-colonialism, anti-ableism, and gender and body self-determination.
We hope to build links with other groups struggling for justice, dignity, and revolution.
Please refer to our website for our full mission and mandate.

If creating these types of spaces while upholding these kinds of values sounds
exciting and important to you, maybe you would like to join our collective!

What we do:
QBTC is a working group of the Quebec Public Interest Research Group at Concordia
(QPIRG Concordia), a resource centre for student and community research and organizing.
Our main activity is organizing a book fair that takes place in August within the context of the
radical non-commercial pride festival Pervers/cité, and this year marks its eighth edition.
We also run a distro and participate in or organize other literary events, so joining the collective entails meeting throughout the year, about twice a month in the off-months and weekly in the summer leading up to the book fair. We are consensus-based, which means at we aim to obtain the agreement of all members when making decisions on group projects and policies. We strive to make all of our materials bilingual and to promote francophone content at the book fair and in our distro, and many of our members are bilingual, but our language of operation is English.

If becoming a full member is more of a commitment than you would like, consider short-term volunteering! We can always use extra hands to help in the lead-up to and on the day of the book fair, for things such as postering and flyering, providing childcare, helping organize food, etc.

If you’re interested in becoming a full-time member of the collective,
in helping out as a volunteer during the book fair,
or if you have more questions, please write us and let us know!

(please feel free to circulate widely)