Venue Accessibility

Accessibility Information for:

Centre communautaire de Loisirs Saite-Catherine d’Alexandrie,

1700 rue Amherst


# of blocks from nearest metro stop: 5 blocks from Beaudry station

# of blocks from nearest metro stop with an elevator: 7 blocks from Berri station (which has elevator access to/from the Orange line only) and 12 blocks from Champ-de-Mars metro.

# of blocks from nearest bus lines:

Bus route 14 Amherst: 0 blocks from stop #52800 on bus going north and stop #52801 on bus going south (corner of Amherst & Robin);

Bus route 125 Ontario: 1 block from stop #52731 on bus going east, 1 block from stop #52729 on bus going west (corner Ontario and Amherst);

Bus route 15 Sainte-Catherine: 2 blocks from stop #52916 on bus going east (corner Sainte-Catherine & Amherst), 2 blocks from stop #52873 on bus going west (corner of de Maisonneuve & Wolfe);

Bus route 24 Sherbrooke: 2 blocks from stop #52592 on bus going east, 2 blocks from #52590 on bus going west (corner Cherrier & Du Parc Lafontaine);

Bus route 30 Saint Denis/Saint Hubert: 6 blocks from stop #52791 on bus going north, 6 blocks from stop #52793 on bus going south (corner Berri & de Maisonneuve).

Terrain outside venue:

Concrete sidewalk in good condition.

Street is somewhat steep, upwards slope when going north from Sainte-Catherine.

No parking lot. Little Street parking available around the bookfair building. Some parking on Robin Street. Best place for parking is 1710 Beaudry, which is $8 for the whole day.

Unloading zone in the rear.

Main entrance (Amherst):

No stairs, pathway to door is a flat concrete walkway. No threshold ledge. Door is automatic and the height of the button is 36” (92cm) on the inside and the outside. When entering there is also a handle and the door opens outward. When leaving, there is a vertical push bar and the door opens outwards. Both handles/bar are also 36” (92cm) high.

Signage for the building is not especially large or clear and there are a few trees in front of it. The building is decorated with a colourful mosaic and we will place sandwich board signage in front on the day of the event.

Side entrance (on Saint-Timothée):

Ramp, but no button to open the door automatically, and the door opens outwards.

Back entrance/débarcadaire (where books can be loaded in, on Saint-Timothée):

There is a 4” (10cm) ledge. The door can be held open with hooks for the duration of loading/ unloading, and there are wheeled carts available.


Everything is on a single, even floor, so there are no stairs, elevators, escalators, or ramps.

The aisles are wide and the floors are vinyl. There is no carpet or mats (may be different during winter).


There are three washrooms, which will be indicated as all-gender washrooms.

One is a separate stand-alone wheelchair accessible washroom. The door is 35” (89cm) wide. The handle is 36” (92cm) high and the door opens outward. There are grab rails behind on to the left of the toilet at 37” (94cm) high; the sink is 31” (79cm) high, the soap is 42” (107cm) high, the toilet paper is 26” (66cm) high, and the paper towel is 36” (92cm) high. There is also a change table in this washroom, at a height of 36” (92cm).

The two other washrooms have doors that are 31” (79cm) wide and open inwards. The stall doors are also 31” (79cm) wide. The space between the toilets and stall walls varies from 7” (18cm) to 11” (28cm) on each side. The locks on the inside of the stall doors are 42” (107cm) high. The sinks are in a 36” (92cm) high counter such that the soap and faucets are set about 2 feet (61cm) back. The sinks operate with a lever. There is no hand dryer, only towels. The dispenser is 36” (92cm) high.

None of the washroom functions (flush, sink, soap, toilet paper, lights, etc) are automatic. There are no sharps dispensers. There are no machines selling condoms, pads, or tampons.


The chairs that will be available to us during the bookfair will vary. There are 16 chairs seated at 4 tables in the lobby; these chairs are 18” (46cm) wide. In the gymnasium/main room, there are approximately 20 cushioned chairs that are also 18” (46cm) wide. The majority of the chairs are hard plastic folding chairs that are 16” (40cm) wide. All chairs have no arm rests.

We will have approximately 120 chairs available to us.


There is bright lighting (fluorescent) and lots of windows letting in natural sunlight.

Water fountain:

There is one water fountain in the lobby. The spout height is 34” (86cm). It is recessed into the wall, in a space that is 23” (58cm) wide and 5” (13cm) deep.

Public telephone:

There is no public telephone in the building. However, if people need to use a telephone during the event, to call a taxi for example, the personnel at the reception/acceuil will make that phone call for them.

Food and beverage counter:

Counter height is 36” (92cm). Food will be free and vegan and ingredients will be listed; people are welcome to bring their own food if desired.