General Accessibility Info

◊ Attending the event is Pay What You Can (PWYC) and open to all.

◊ The bookfair will be held in a wheelchair accessible space with wheelchair accessible, gender-neutral washrooms.

◊ You can find detailed information about the space physical accessibility and the space location here :

◊ We will give out free bus/metro tickets, available upon request at the welcome table. Limited quantity, so first come first serve!

◊ There will be a seating area with a lot of chairs.

◊ There will be a small quiet room for those who need to be away temporarily from the noise of the bookfair. In this room, you’ll find crafting and colouring material, zines to read, chairs, water, fruits, candies, ear plugs, floor mats and soft (non fluorescent) lighting.

◊ There will be active listening volunteers that you can approach anytime if you want to talk or ask for support. They will be in the quiet room and wearing bright armbands.

◊ We will be offering free childcare throughout the day.

◊ PWYC vegan food, tea and coffee will be served.

◊ We strive to make the bookfair a scent-reduced space to make it more accessible to people with chemical and fragrance sensitivities.
◊◊◊ If you’re a smoker, we ask you to smoke in the smoking area which will be 25 feet from entrance, and to wait at least five minutes after you’re done before entering the space to « air out » a little bit.
◊◊◊ We ask everyone to refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, essential oils, scented body and haircare products or other scented or chemical products to the fair.

◊ For more information on our commitment to access, you can visit

◊ If you have any questions or concerns during the day, we encourage you to go talk to the collective members sitting at the welcome table. Until then, you can contact us at queerbetweenthecovers(at)gmail(dot)com

See you at the bookfair!! 🙂